The legendary Acetaia Fabbi was founded in 1969 with barrels that harken back to the 1900s. Today AcetaiaML houses over 1,200 barrels of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena.

The exterior and interior spaces have been completely reworked to provide a unique experience for those who curious to know more about Balsamic Vinegar.

AcetaiaML is located next to CasaML immersed in the Emilian countryside surrounded by vineyards and agricultural fields in an 18th century portico featuring contemporary art installations by Ingo Maurer, Kehinde Wiley and Olafur Eliasson.

Book your visit to the AcetaiaML where you can discover the process behind the creation of one of the most iconic products from Modena.

A complete 45 minutes tour includes tastings of Tradizionale 12-year old Aceto Balsamico and Tradizionale Extravecchio 25-year old Aceto Balsamico. The adjacent BottegaML is a place to discover and purchase the complete line of Villa Manodori condiments made by Massimo Bottura.

We are located 15 minutes from downtown Modena and 5 minutes from the Modena Sud highway exit.

We are waiting for you!

Acetaia Maria Luigia
Stradello Bonaghino 56

* Tours are in ENGLISH ONLY.

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